Working Instruction

Read Carefully First:

This is a investment website. Where you can earn money by invest money and refer someone. If you want to earn money without investment then you can join referral programme. With one refer you can earn 3.3 usd. This is very profitable and easy proccess. Account creation fee is 4 usd which is not repayable. This is my last 7 days earning proof with running campagin with sproutgigs only cost 35 usd. If you not pay and not create affiliate account successfully then you can not getting satisfied on sproutgigs.

You can run campagin on sproutgigs for refer huge people like me and earn huge number of money.

1. First you need to go and complete registration.

2. Then log in and you will see this interface like this image:

3. Then click affiiliate earning.

4. You will see a affiliate account creation page like this image:

5. Now you need to create affiliate account with paying 4 usd via litecoin or bkash/nagad. This is a account creation fee. Its not repayable. You dont need to make any payment further . When completed account creation then you see account pending this page like this image:

6. If you successfully make payment then within 2 minute your account will be approve and you get image like this:

7. Now you need to click dashboard and you will find a dashboad where your earning will be add like this image:

8. Your work completely finished. Now if someone create affiliate account with your refferal code then you will get 3.3 usd every refer.

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